Dimo Kolibarov

Dimo Kolev Kolibarov was born on February 27,1965 in Pomorie, Bulgaria. From 1979 to 1984 studied at the Tsanko Lavrenov Secondary School of Art in Plovdiv. From 1990 to1996 studied at the National Academy of Art in Sofia. Since 1987 he taken part in many exhibitions and competitions in Bulgaria and abroad. Since 2003 he is ass. proffessor in National Academy of Art-department Of Graphic Art. He participated in many international exhibitions and competitions in Bulgaria, Japan, Poland, France, Italy, Spain, USA, Russia, Portugal, China, Korea, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey, Lithuania, UK, Romania.
Selected Awards:
2012 – Jury’s prize, International Graphic Triennial, Bitola; Macedonia
2012 – 1st ex-libris prize, Beijing, China
2012 – Award for graphics by national exhibition “Friends of the sea”, Bourgas, Bulgaria
2012 – annual prize of gallery “Dyakov””, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2011 – Jury’s special prize, International Graphic Biennial, Varna, Bulgaria
2011 – Jury’s prize, International Graphic Triennial – Sofia, Bulgaria
2008 – 1st prize for small print, Milano, Italy