Peaceful Kingdom

Rosen Rashev - Roshpaka,

Rosen Rashev - Roshpaka, The little man with a staggered hair

Solo exhibition of Rosen Rashev – Roshpaka

03.08.2017– 30.08.2017

Exhibition opening: 03.08.2017 at 18:30 o’clock

From the 3rdof August 2017 Rosen Rashev – Roshpaka returns for the second time in Largo Art Gallery with a solo exhibition, called “Peaceful Kingdom”. The artist brings about twenty paintings from his hometown, in which we will find “The flying fish”, “The silent angel”, “The smiling snail” and birds, pretending to be airplanes. One of the most loved and popular contemporary artists, who works in the field of naive art, Roshpaka is known for his endless optimism, the themes of his works- mostly about his love for the family, God, and the references to childhood and the world of dreams.

Rosen often uses mixed media techniques in his works. Apart from oil painting, he incorporates knitting in his paintings, fabrics, cloths and buttons. With his magic fingers he makes the archetypes, connected to the pure and primary soul, come to live. Roshpaka’s characters are connected only with the simplest but most important things in life- love for the family, trust in God’s promise and the connection with nature.

We are expecting to see you at the exhibition opening with Rosen Rashev – Roshpaka’s participation on the 3rdof August 2017 at 18:30 o’clock in Largo Art Gallery, Varna city, Han Krum № 8 Str. The exhibition ends on the 30thof August 2017.

You can read more about Rosen Rashev – Roshpaka in his profile in section “Artists”.

                                                                           Nelly Valcheva