Tales of the space

solo exhibition of graphics and drawings

29 May - 18 June 2014

       From 29th May 2014 in the ninety-second consecutive exhibition, art gallery "Largo" will present "Tales of the Space " - an exhibition of graphics and drawings of Julian Jordanov.

       This is the second time the virtuoso painter will exhibit in "Largo" Art Gallery. In 2012, the gallery’s new exhibition space had opened with an exposition of Julian’s works. Back then, the viewers’ favourite, vowed that his next professional appearance in Varna will realize his prolonged desire to create a series of drawings for an exhibition. Serious and dedicated to his work, as always, Jordanov fulfilled his promise and the result can be seen from Varna art lovers in his new exhibition called "Tales of the Space."

       As an established and recognized author, Julian has mastered to perfection the skills of storytelling - his works all possess plots, characters, twists, and narrative. Very often, the given work creates a cycle, in which the narrative is given a development, a continuation of its story, and is transformed into a cycle of tales. These stories are devoted to knights, forest fairies, and mythological characters, of dreams and fantasies. Thus were born the series "Fairytales of the Tree", "Twelve Labours of Hercules," "Forgotten Dreams”, " Mountain Fairytales", etc. However this time the tales are about the space, as the author wants to show us that besides being fluent in narrative, techniques and pattern, he’s also a master of the space in his works. In doing whatever he wants with that space, he leaves the audience breathless with surprise and anticipation of his ductile decisions, of the drawing’s development, of fine lines and the fragility of the image. Julian’s two-dimensional drawings and graphics unexpectedly leap out into our three-dimensional space, because every one of his works is so light, elegant, emotional, as though it extends outside the limits of the paper sheet and sails out into the space through the author’s imagination, then merges with the imagination of it’s audience.

            The exhibition will also be showing several Exlibris, as Julian Jordanov is amongst the most accredited small graphical format artists in the world. His prestige, numerous international awards and recognition from the most developed worldwide Exlibris associations, were the reason we selected and invited Julian to be the artistic director of the first International Exlibris Competition Varna, organized and held in Gallery “Largo” this August in Varna. You can find out more about the Exlibris competition at www.exlibris-competition-varna.org.

More about the artist can be read in the "Authors" page on the website.

Nelly Vulcheva, Curator of Largo Art Gallery