Hikmet Cetinkaya

Hikmet Cetinkaya, Poppies I

Hikmet Cetinkaya, Poppies II

Hikmet Cetinkaya, Poppies III

solo exhibition of paintings

07 - 26 March 2013 

Hikmet Cetinkaya was born in 1958. He completed his secondary and high school education in Denizli. He had his BA degree (1982) in painting department in Education Faculty of Ankara Gazi University. He performed overseas research on methods and techniques of painting. He established his own painting studio named ‘Hikmet Cetinkaya Painting Studio’ and started to teach painting.  He attended Swedish Stockholm International World Art Fair in 2001. He had many national and international exhibitions. So far, he has had 17international and 80 national workshops and personal exhibitions and more than 600 exhibitons with other artists. He has painted more than 8000 paintings in his 36 years of artistic life. Cetinkaya continued painting for 5 years in his painting studio that he opened in Paris in 2002. He carried out numerous artistic activities by opening a house of art named ‘Arc-En-Ciel Maison D’art Paris’. In 2006, he made an art exhibition in Paris-UNESCO to represent Turkey with his 45 Turkish artists. He and his artist friends carried out certain exhibition activities under the name of “Anadolu’dan Esintiler” 5 times in Paris, 5 times in Bulgaria, three times in Cyclades Islands, Greece (Patmian, Grete, Santorin, and Mikonos), and once in Athens, Canada, Moscow, and Cyprus. In 2009, he attended art semposiums in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and Pörchlan, 2011 Canada / Montreal, Ottowa, Toronto, 2012 Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek, Austria and gave live performance. His works were on display in the Museum of Oskar Kokoschka in Austria. Istanbul Bayindir Hospital bought 240 oil paintings of Hikmet Cetinkaya and formed a great art collection. He was presented with the Career Success Award by Kavaklidere Rotary Club at the term of 2006-2007. His 8 large-sized works were appreciated and accepted into Ottawa War Museum, Canada to be permanently on display. Moreover, his works are available in the presidential palace of the Republic of Turkey, Ontario State Parliamentary, Toronto and Ottawa Town Halls, many embassy buildings of the Republic of Turkey as well as among various national and foreign collections. Cetinkaya prepared and presented 60 series of the Halk Channel (Halk TV) art programme “The Painting Studio of Hikmet Cetinkaya”.  He is a member of International Plastic Artists Association.