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Lora Marinova,

Lora Marinova,

Lora Marinova, Birthday of the Infanta III

solo exhibition of Lora Marinova

On 31th of May 2013 in the seventy- eight exhibition Largo Art Gallery will present a Varna artist Lora Marinova. This is her third event in Largo Art Gallery after her participation in the group exhibition of the Marinovi artists family and after her solo exhibition in Largo in September 2011. In the eve of her birthday she makes herself the best gift for an artist - a solo exhibition. The connoisseurs will see a new, positive and inspired Lora Marinova. The nostalgic and minor themes are in the past and now her paintings are full of light and warmth and the themes are hers favorites - impressionistic landscapes from the Varna Seaside Park and scenes, moments and etudes of different opera and theatre productions.  For the lovers of her miniatures Lora has prepared a painting, made out of six little miniatures that remind us about the philosophy of her work. About twenty canvases will be presented in “Largo” on 31th of May and will be available for the viewers till 21th of June 2013.

To read more about the artist or to see pictures of her previous exhibitions at Largo Art Gallery, visit her profile in "Artists" sectoin on our web site:

Nelly Valcheva, gallerist