New day

Nikolai Angelov - Gary, Praying for rain

Nikolai Angelov - Gary, Summer love

Nikolai Angelov - Gary, The secret diary

solo exhibition of Nikolay Angelov - Gary

June 28 – July 18, 2013 г.

On 28th of June 2013 in the seventy- ninth exhibition Largo Art Gallery will present an artist from Burgas, Bulgaria named Nikolay Angelov, also known as Gary. For his second solo event at “Largo” Gary has prepared about  twenty new canvases, populated with familiar characters of his mainly female and child figures. For the young artist they symbolize purity and innocence, beauty and the poetry of life. The exposition bears the symbolic title “New day”. The expectancy of the New is the most powerful and most common in the paintings moment. The young girl is in expectation of her first rendezvous, children are riding toward their first adventure, the young mother discovers the new feeling of communicating with her first child, the beautiful girl is experiencing the motion of her first summer love. In every picture the artist emphasizes on the new beginning and the thrill of the unexpected. His main message is to face every day with hope for the beautiful things that could happen that day. The exhibition runs until 18th of July.

To read more about Gary and to see pictures from his previous exhibitions in Largo Art Gallery, visit his profile in the Artists section on our web site:

Nelly Valcheva, gallerist