A Tale about the loneliness

Vladimir Kirov, The Altar

Vladimir Kirov, The gray background of my soul

Vladimir Kirov, Strange Friend

Vladimir Kirov, Flower of memories

Vladimir Kirov, Mendelssohn. Violin Concerto

Vladimir Kirov, And the sun pours slowly on me its sadness

Vladimir Kirov, The Door

Vladimir Kirov, Without pulse

Vladimir Kirov, Melancholy

solo exhibition of paintings of Vladimir Kirov

8 February to 2 March 2013 г.

From 8th February 2013 in the seventy-fourth consecutive exhibition Largo Art Gallery will present for the first time in Varna one-man show of Vladimir Kirov - an artist  from Lovech . The exposition is called "A tale about loneliness". It is an extremely interesting and different exhibition, starting with the fact that in thirty paintings you will find only female characters. The author has undertaken the difficult and challenging task to depict the rich variety of states of the fem ale soul. Melancholy, sadness, love, sensual contemplation, dreaminess, and more and more ... Grand Prize winner of the last Biennial of Miniature in Ruse (2011) – Vladimir Kirov will charm us again with the elegance of line and delicate psychologism of the characters, created especially for Varna local people. Each painting is like a sealed instant, like a window through which the viewers take a look at the secret souls of beautiful characters of  Vlado’s works. All the characters look somewhere aside, backwards, upwards,  but none of them are looking towards viewer. This creates an illusion of distance and alienation that perfectly corresponds to the motto of the exhibition - "Tale of loneliness". Most works are chamber formats - 10/7.5, 18/24 and 20/26 cm and this chamber tendency also plays a role in the conception of the artist – it helps  each picture really look like a captured moment.

The works are free of details, the background is designed carefully and delicately in the color of the image of the protagonist – the woman. The goal is just to feel the state of mind of "Strange friend" character. The titles of the works  "Melancholy", "Loneliness inside me", "And the sun pours slowly on me its sadness", "Shadow of Dreams", "Flower of memories", "Quiet sadness in my chest "... also help for a more complete perception. And why does the author draws so much sadness in his works? If you look more closely at the pictures, you may find that this sensitive and fine artist hints with slight irony that maybe women's sadness is not exactly as it seems ... Because, even alone in his paintings, his beautiful models suggest all sorts of thoughts, but not loneliness. In the picture "The gray background to my soul" you will see a sensually lying down, like she is waiting for someone, hetaera. In "Strange friend” the tale of loneliness is broken to pieces because the character is gently touching a true friend in an exquisite guest of an eastern-tale princess, and there isn’t a drop of loneliness. In the "Flower memories” you will find a girl in love, lost in dreams, sensual pose again, eyes half-closed and only the fragrance of the flower seems to be what takes her to her memories - sweet and gentle ... An extremely strong work is "Mendelssohn. Violin Concerto ". In this picture again the loneliness is implied by the suggestion that each actor is alone in the Universe, lost in communication with his instrument and his art. But this loneliness is also an illusion because much more influential in the work is the power of harmony - harmony between two kindred spirits, harmony between two beautiful voices, enchanting mood and rhythm. Looking at the picture, as if hearing the sweet rhythms of Mendelssohn, in the rhythm of which even the flower is swinging gently, revived under the influence of music. In the painting "Shadow of Dreams" loneliness has two faces again - not because the picture has two female characters. The painter rather reminds us, giving a wink, of the duality of the female nature. Bright, white and good - the real woman is always torn apart, keeping inside a second nature, her shadow – mysterious, half-hidden, more shy....

I would like to draw particular attention on two works that, although seemingly a little off the subject, and the overall sound of the exposition, are extremely masterfully developed, I'd say works of museum quality - "The Door" and "The Altar". Both paintings area peculiar structural center of the exposition, not only because of the complexity of the plot, but also because of the depth of the developed idea.

The painting "The Door" is horrifically charged with symbolism. At first glance, it feels as though the vast door will crush the fragile child figure. Not only the disbalance in the proportions is shocking. The author plays skillfully with colors to reinforce the suggestion, painting the door in fire red. It is like a widely open  maw, ready to engulf the fragile innocent child soul. The heavy colonnade framing the door also reinforces this suggestion of depressing hopelessness and overwhelming burden of the visible existence. But it is only at first glance. When you look more closely at the details, you suddenly find that in the picture the author has encoded images of many guardian angels of the purity and innocence of our souls, which symbolizes the image of the little girl. These are not only the two angels above the door, not just the two kneeling in prayer women, but the bright and shining star between them - a symbol of hope. And finally, the highest achievement of this virtuoso artist Vladimir Kirov – from the darkness of the depths of the Hereafter, perhaps, from another world, emerges disembodied, but clearly visible, the image of the mother, watching over her small, fragile treasure, helplessly standing on the edge of the world ...  A picture rich in symbolism, worthy of endless contemplation and enjoyment.

And finally, perhaps the canvas with the strongest charge in this exhibition - "The Altar".  A boundless and infinite work. Wall saints follow with meekness the fragile disembodied female figure, directed  to her  confession or to her altar–to sacrifice her heart...  You can find images of Saint George and Archangel Michael, Trinity is hinted by the three candles flaming in the top of the composition. The whole picture is possessed by the spirit of holiness, meekness and humility. Not surprisingly, the female figure itself seems to be surrounded by the cold breeze of this holy place. She walks shivering not so much from the coldness, but from the unknown. The figure creates a feeling of a repenting, seeking forgiveness lost human soul (which suggestions reinforced by the red dress with bare shoulders - a completely out of place garment). It is this strong contrast between the canonical symbols and church interior on one side and the secular clothing, hairstyle and impact of the female image, on the other, comes the strong contradiction of the work. And the artist solves this strong contradiction in an extremely powerful way, making us bristle up. The woman with the frivolous red dress is actually walking humbly pale and trembling to his altar. And as if understood that He, who watches over all life, is mercifully directing  eyes to her, touching her  with a beam of light coming from a source right out of the picture, but covering her, and leading it forward in the difficult path of repentance. Incredible, outstanding master, a world-class artist, we can conclude, contemplating this amazing work!

Do not miss this high-value art event. The exhibition continues until 02 March.

Nelly Valcheva, gallerist