About the Gallery

Art Gallery “Largo” was founded on 27.11.2008 in Varna, Bulgaria. The gallery present Bulgarian contemporary art and works with artists from all around the country.

Our mission is to contribute to promoting the names and works of Bulgarian artists and to be able to touch with their works as many people’s hearts as we can.

Art Gallery “Largo” wants to be a part of the cultural life in Varna with its significant exhibition calendar and to generate interesting cultural events. The gallery is partners with the National school of arts "Dobri Hristov" - Varna in different initiatives, which includes the annual exhibition in October, when the gallery provides a platform for young talents in "Fine arts" in an exhibition contest.

Art Gallery “Largo”’s home is in the heart of the city- the Greek neighborhood which is the most artistic and most prestigious part of Varna. The gallery is located a few meters from the Roman Baths and 5 minutes walking distance from the Sea Garden and the city center.

The gallery spans 155 square meters, including two large rooms on the ground floor and basement, office and depot. The ground floor is a place where we display temporary exhibitions where there’s a lot of daylight and the pictures can be seen even from the street through the big showcases. The basement room is where we display permanent exhibition of works from the depot of the gallery.

Art Gallery “Largo” is a good place for conducting presentations or lectures, book presentation or chamber music performances and organizing company cocktails in a sophisticated atmosphere among wonderful works of art.

The team of Art Gallery "Largo" is open to any ideas and proposals for joint initiatives and with joy we would become partners with any private or public gallery, museum or other cultural institution to promote various forms of contemporary art. We invite any author, wishing to work with the gallery, to send his portfolio on our e- mail.

Nelly Valcheva, gallerist and owner.