Roses and Lions

a collective exhibition of graphics of 35 Bulgarian artists
14. - 27.08.2019

Roses and Lions

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a collective exhibition of graphics of 35 Bulgarian artists

14 – 27 August2019

Opening reception– Thursday, 14 August 2019, 6:30 PM

Largo Art Gallery is pleased to invite you to the opening of "Roses and Lions" - a collective exhibition of graphics, part of the holiday program, which will mark the Day of Varna- August 15.

The exhibitwas first shown in May 2019 at the Palazzo Lombardia - the seat of the Lombardia Regional Government in Milano. It was the opening event of the Fifth International Exlibris Meeting, held in May in Varese, Italy within the 10th International Exlibris Contest biblioteca Bodio Lomnago. Ms. Nelly Valcheva, Director of the International Exlibris CompetitionVarna, was invited to curate the exhibition. This invitation is the result of a successful partnership between the Italian Exlibris Association and Largo Art Gallery, which isthe organizer of the exlibris forum in Varna.

The prestigious event in Milanowas openedwith the greetings of Mr. Alan Christian Ricci - Secretary of the LombardiaRegion responsible for International Relations, Mrs. Tanya Dimitrova - Consul General of the Republic of Bulgaria in Milano, Mrs. Eleonora Paolelli - Mayor of the city ​​Bodio Lomnago, Mr. Angelo Sampietro - President of the Italian Exlibris Association and Mrs. Nelly Valcheva.

In August, the exhibition will be shown in Largo Art Gallery. Varna residents and guests will be able to experience the best of contemporary Bulgarian graphics presented by thirty-five contemporary Bulgarian artists. They all work in the field of exlibris and small graphics. The artistsfeatured in the exhibithave in total received perhaps over 500 different awards in the most prestigious graphics forums in recent years. Each artist is represented in the exhibition with six works.

Some of the artists, such as Julian Jordanov, Dimo ​​Kolibarov, Hristo Naidenov, Petar Lazarov, Hristo Kerin, Onnik Karanfilian, Marin Gruev, Todor Ovcharov, are well-known in the ex-libris societies and collectors around the world. The exhibition curator Nelly Valcheva also included in the exposition authors who work mainly in the field of large and small graphics, and not so much of the bookplate, as Tsvetan Kazandzhiev, Vasil Kolev - Vasilo, Veliko Marinchevski, Rumen Nechev, Lyudmil Metodiev.

The exhibition "Roses and Lions" includes some of the most renowned Bulgarian authors of exlibris such as Prof. Hristo Tsatsinov, Snezhina Bisserova, Desislav Gechev, Galina Pavlova, Rumen Nistorov, Maya Tcholakova, Veselin Damyanov - Ves, Elena Vutova, Kaloyan Iliev, Dimo ​​Milanov. These are artists well known for appearing in numerous European exlibrisforums.

Particularly interesting is the participation of several artists, representatives of today's cosmopolitan world - the unique Belarusian artist Anna Tikhonova- Jordanova and the young talented Macedonian artist- Zoran Mise, who lives and works in Bulgaria, as well as the Bulgarian authors Veselin Vassilev, living and working in France and Evgeniya Hristova, who lives and works in Italy.

The exhibition also provides a field for expression for young authors. Some of them - Peter Chinovsky, Tanya Krasteva, Kalina Kraleva, Vasil Angelov, have already won first prizes in various prestigious competitions. Other authors, such as Eleonora Atanasova, Denitsa Ivanova - Alexandrova, Ivan Mateev, Stefani Kostadinova, were also honored with various prizes in exibris forums around the world.

We will see you at the opening reception of "Roses and Lions" on August 14, 2019 from 6:30 pm at Largo Art Gallery, Varna, 8 Han Krum Street. The exhibition runs until August 27. More about the event and photos of some of the works can be found on the gallery's website at

Milena Dimitrova, gallerist

Lion, Eleonora Atanasova / Largo Art Gallery


Eleonora Atanasova

Cycle “Return to the Nature”- Butterfly, Dimo Kolibarov / Largo Art Gallery

Cycle “Return to the Nature”- Butterfly

Dimo Kolibarov


Julian Jordanov

Angel's melody

Anna Tikhonova- Jordanova

Libera Natura

Denitsa Ivanova - Aleksandrova


Eleonora Atanasova

In the library

Elena Vutova

Humor III

Galina Pavlova


Hristo Kerin

Art Allegory

Hristo Naidenov


Hristo Tsatsinov

Exlibris V. Angelov

Ivan Mateev


Kalina Kraleva

Retrograde Mercury- Like

Kaloyan Iliev- Kokimoto


Lyudmil Metodiev

Exlibris Marietta Hagedorn- “The forbidden fruit”

Marin Gruev

Exl Simein Andreev- “Dance”

Maya Tcholakova

Exlibris Sasho (Alexander T.) T-The handsome – “No more bets”

Onnik Karanfilian

Exllibris Chen Hong

Peter Lazarov


Petar Chinovsky


Rumen Nechev

The artist and his model I

Rumen Nistorov

A pomegranate

Snezhina Bisserova

The mother "My black tears are for you"

Stefani Kostadinova


Tanya Krasteva

Exlibris H-D. Koehler

Todor Ovcharov

Game I

Tsvetan Kazandziev

Exlibris Pavel Celkoski

Vasil Angelov

Penetration-My house 3

Vasil Kolev- Vasilo

Exlibris Boris Damyanov

Veselin Damyanov- Ves


Veliko Marinchevski

Goddes of the Sea

Dimo Milanov

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